Westdale Floral Summer Annuals & Hanging Baskets


The annuals we are carrying this season are listed below. Our garden center is open 9:00-5:00 for customers who are comfortable following social distancing guidelines. We ask that you wear a mask when shopping our store. We also have delivery and curbside pick-up available. Please call the store to place your order 952-935-2134.

Hanging Baskets – 10-inch – $32.95

Begonia with Ivy – Orange, Yellow, Dark Pink
Begonia – Deep Rose, Yellow, Mix
Creeping Gloxinia – Rose, White
Dragon Wing Begonia – Red, Pink
Geranium – Dark Red, Hot Pink
Sun Patien – Pink Kiss, Carmen Red, White, Orange, Mixed
Tahitian Bridal Veil


Hanging Baskets – 12-inch – $69.95

Bougainvillea – Pink, Purple, Ruby


12-inch Patio Pots – $34.95

Dragon Wing Begonia – Red, Pink

Coleus – Kingswood Torch



Our annuals come in 3 sizes: 4 packs priced at $3.25, 4.5" pots priced at $6.75 and 6" pots priced at $12.95

Ageratum – Blue Horizon
Alyssum – Blushing princess, Snow Princess
Anagallis – Wildcat Blue
Angelonia – Perfectly Pink, White, Serena Purple
Dragon Wing Begonia – Red, Pink
Baby Wing Begonia – Pink, White
Bada Bing Begonia – Pink, Rose, White, Scarlet, Mixed
Bada Boom Begonia – Rose, Scarlet, White, Mixed 
Begonia (tuberous) – Pink, Orange, Red, Escargot, Apricot, Cherry, White, Yellow
Bidens – Goldilocks Rocks, Blazin Glory
Canna – Rose, Red, Yellow
Calibrachoa – Deep Blue, Berry Punch, Red, White, Deep Yellow
Coleus – Black Dragon, Wizard Coral sunrise, Wizard Jade, Campfire, Dark Star, Dipt in Wine, Sedona Sunset, Electric Lime, Festive Dance, Flame Thrower, Florida Sun Rose, Indian Summer, Inferno, Kingswood Torch, Kong Rose Sun Chocolate Covered Cherry, Sun French Quarter, Sun Watermelon, Red Head, Trailing burgundy, Wizard Velvet Red
Cosmos – Sensation Mix
Creeping Jenny – Goldilocks, Waikiki Sunset
Creeping Wire Vine
Cyperus – Baby Tut, King Tut, Prince Tut, Rubrum
Daisies – White, Yellow
Dahlias – Pink, Burgundy, Orange, Red, Violet
Dianthus – Cherry & Purple
Dusty Miller
Elephant Ears
Eucalyptus – Steel Tower
Euphorbia – Diamond Frost
Fuchsia – Angel Earrings
Gerbera Daisies – Mixed Colors
Geranium – Dear Red, Salmon, Light Pink, Orange, Violet, White
Impatiens – Pink Flame, Coral, White, Cherry
Lantana – Cherry Sunrise, Sunrise Red, Lucky Yellow
Licorice – Splash, Silver, Lemon
Lobelia – Sky blue, Ultraviolet, Dark Blue, White
Marigold – Antigua Primrose, Disco Yellow, Durango Flame, Durango Red, Gem Lemon, Sunburst Yellow
Morning Glory – Heavenly Blue
New Guinea Impatiens – Coral, Pink, Red, White, Salmon, Orange, White
Nicotiana – Blue, Bright Red, Rose, White
Oxalis – Charmed Wine
Petunia – White, Pink, Salmon, Easy Wave Red Velour, Night Sky, Pink Sky, Classic Ray Blue, Blue Velvet, Pink Cascading, Red Cascading, White Cascading
Plectranthus – Lemon Twist, Nicoletta, Zulu Wonder
Potunia – Hot Pink, Deep Purple
Rudbeckia – Toto Gold
Salvia – Deep Fuchsia, Deep Purple, Snow white, Velocity Blue, Victoria Blue, Black & Blue, Midnight Blue
Sanvitalia – Sunbini
Scaevola – Brilliant Blue, Dark Blue, White
Setcreasea – Purple Heart
Snapdragons – Red, Rose, Yellow
Sunpatiens – Electric Orange, Royal Magenta, Deep Rose, Hot Coral, Red, White
Sweet Potato Vine - Blackie, Margherita, Sweet Caroline Red, Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Red, Emerald Lace, Midnight Lace, Sweet Georgia
Torenia – Amethyst, Violet
Verbena – Lavender, Violet Blue
Vinca Vine – Golden Maculata
Wandering Jew 
Wave Petunia – Blue Easy, Neon Rose, Pink Passion, Purple


Herbs – 4.5" pot – $4.25

Lemon Balm
Parsley – Curled, Italian

Vegetables – 4.5" pot – $4.25

Bell Pepper (Blushing Beauty)
Cucumber (Burpless)
Squash (Zucchini)
Tomatoes (Big Beef & Early Girl)


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